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I am currently looking for my first post-doctoral position where I can apply my skills in modelling and spatial analysis to inform conservation and wildlife management. If you are keen to know more about my work or want to collaborate, please get in touch here.

If you are interested in talking science:



Art & Photography

If you want to purchase art prints, visit my Etsy store:

If it’s a commission you are after, or you want to discuss photo prints or just chat, please do get in touch using the details below:



More information…

Commissions are available on request and subject to time constraints. The price will depend on the style and size of the piece. All commissions require a high quality reference photo and take up to two months (so please if you are commissioning a piece for a particular occasion, make sure you inquire well in advance!). You will receive the original copy but this will be scanned for future print production. Get in touch to discuss!

Prints are available of all artwork and photographs. Print specifications and pricings for artwork can be found by visiting my Etsy store. Additional size may be available on request. Photos can be printed from 4×6 inches to 20×30 inches depending on your desires and image quality. Prices range from £5-£50 and do not include mounts. Mounts can be arranged for an additional charge.

Post and packaging not included and dependent on physical size of order. All orders will be sent by Royal Mail ‘Trace and Track’ delivery. To allow time for the printing, mounting and delivery process, I advise an estimated delivery of up to 2-3 weeks for items that are not in stock. Items in stock should have an estimated delivery of 4 working days.

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