Contact Me

Science & Research

I am always happy to talk about my research. If you have any questions please get in touch.

If you are interested in collaborating on projects in ecology, conservation or animal behaviour, I am open to ideas. I can contribute skills in programming, spatial analysis and modelling, and I’m highly-organised and okay to work with, I think 😉 Again, just get in touch.

My best email, if you want to talk science, is:

Art & Photography

You can view my available prints on my Etsy store, here:

If you would like to discuss alternative sizes, please get in touch.

Unfortunately, I currently have very limited availability for commissions. However, if you are interested in commissioning artwork, do get in touch and we can discuss the options. Commissions can take up to two months, so please allow adequate time for the work to be completed. The price of commissions will depend on the size and style of the piece. All commissions require a high quality reference photo to work from. Please ensure you have permission to use the image. As the commissioner, you will receive the original copy, but scans will be taken for future print production. You will be required to pay for postage and packaging.

For art enquiries, please email me at: