I hope it’s enlightening at least…

Well, the truth is, I’m not entirely sure this will be a hit, or, whether that is even my intention.

To start: describe myself, right?

Well I would say I am a work-in-progress. Professionally, there are many things I want to be: a scientist, a conservationist, a photographer, an artist… but I can’t say I am yet completely accomplished in any of these fields.

The blog?

Because I’m no expert, this blog is by no means an advisory guide. Rather, I thought perhaps I could share my learning experiences with anyone and everyone that accompanies me in these interests.

The thoughts and feelings I share in this blog are not intended to enforce my beliefs upon anyone else. Instead, I would welcome discussion on the topics I write about, because often I am undecided myself.

And of course, any advice would be fantastic.

I hope you enjoy following along,


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